Gregory J Cole

Stereo Mountain is the creative outlet of one man and his contemplative self, distilling peace from distorted sound, moving steadily regardless of stable ground, and doing-it-himself since 1991.

Welcome, my name is Gregory J Cole and you’ve stumbled into my online home, kick off those boots. I am a graphic designer, front-end web developer, and photographer from Finksburg, MD. I earned a BFA in graphic design at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), and now work at Ascension. My areas of focus are branding, web design, and contemporary landscape photography. At home, my housemates and I cultivate an environment of community and creativity. We currently reside at the Urban Beekeeping Collective in downtown West Chester PA, and were previously residing at the Thomas Thornbury House within the historic village of Marshallton PA.

Aside from creative work, I find the most joy strengthening my Catholic faith as well as my physical and mental health. Activities I enjoy most are rock climbing, hiking, camping, longboarding, listening to and collecting records, and spending quality time with close friends and loved ones.



Over the years there have been only a handful of artists with whom I have always looked up to. The following four I find to be most influential and inspirational to me. Their work is less important to me as their work ethic, humility, passion, persistence, process, multidisciplinary balance, diy-mindset, and overall great character. Check out the videos below featuring my creative heroes, I hope you find them as inspiring as I do.

Ray Barbee

Ray Barbee

Aaron Draplin

Aaron Draplin

Scott Hansen

Scott Hansen (Tycho/ISO50)

Rick White

Rick White (Eric's Trip)

Aaron Draplin Myself & Aaron Draplin
Ray Barbee Myself & Ray Barbee